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KK Hydroxide Water (960ml)

960ml of hydroxide water concentrate
Transform ANY water by adding Hydroxide Water™.

AU$ 79.90


Hydroxide Water™ is a concentrate that is fully saturated with as many free hydroxide ions as water can hold. This is the most effective way to supply hydroxide but it is not the most effective way to use hydroxide. Hydroxide works best when it is accompanied by more water molecules than are present in a fully saturated concentrate. This is why dilution before use is necessary.

Hydroxide Water™ has a pH of at least 12 and will raise the pH of ANY water when it is added to it. This rise in pH is due only to the presence of hydroxide and not alkaline minerals since Hydroxide Water™ has no added minerals. Hydroxide Water™ uses hydroxide to eliminate acidity rather than merely buffer it with the introduction of alkaline minerals. Since acidity is an excess of hydrogen protons (H + ), hydroxide (OH ) naturally neutralizes it through elimination and not mere buffering. The attraction between both the hydrogen proton and the hydroxide ion is strong because both ions are in reality parts of the water molecule and both seek to become whole again: OH + H + = H 2 O. The result of this elimination is new water molecules.